Key Programs and Services

Our community program focuses on water, sanitation, hygiene and waste. We also support social and environmental causes through capacity building and consulting.

Community Development

Enabling communities tackle their water, sanitation and hygiene priorities through a participatory, needs-based approach.

Capacity Building

Increasing the impact of social and environmental causes by providing customised training and mentoring.


Supporting NGOs and companies with professional expertise in WASH, research, project management, design, and more.

About WISE

We work towards a Southeast Asia with universal and equitable access to basic needs, particularly water, sanitation and hygiene, through community development, capacity building, and behaviour change.

Core Team

WISE is currently active in Indonesia, Cambodia and Singapore.
Dian Apriadi

Dian Apriadi

Cheerleader | Indonesia

Drives overall strategy in Indonesia. Pursuing a PhD at TU Berlin on domestic wastewater systems in slum areas.

Thye Yoke Pean

Thye Yoke Pean

Jack of all trades | Singapore

Leads day-to-day management and operations, as well as activities in Singapore. Involved in the WASH sector since 2006.

Intan Radmita Adiputri

Intan Radmita Adiputri

Creative maestro | Indonesia

Designs branding and communications, as well as handles administration in Indonesia. A graphic designer trained in civil engineering.

Rosadalima Dee Panda (Rosa)

Rosadalima Dee Panda (Rosa)

Change Seeker | Indonesia

Develops and runs projects in eastern Indonesia. Committed to improving the environment and local communities.

Meet the WISE family

Faces of WISE | Jenny Wahyuni

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