Behaviour Change Hackathon

The Behaviour Change Hackathon is a six-week program where youth learn basic behaviour change theories and tools and apply them to a real-world problem faced by a non-governmental organisation or social enterprise. It will run from 22 June to 3 August 2019.

Latest news

Session 4: To prepare the teams to collect high-quality data, WISE provided introductory lessons on how to carry out individual interviews and facilitator focus group discussions. Once the teams’ forms are ready and approved, they will be moving on the collecting and analysing the data!

This session included hands-on practice on facilitation skills 📷 Mohammad Juhari

Session 3: This week, WISE introduced the doer/non-doer approach to identify the most important factors affecting someone’s behaviour. Teams started crafting research questions that they will be using to collect data from their target group!

Participants matching example research questions to their corresponding behavioural factors. This will help them craft interview questions relevant to the factors they will be studying during the data collection phase 📷 Nor Lastrina Hamid

Session 2: In the second session, WISE shared about the RANAS model of behaviour change, which categorises behavioural determinants to risks, attitudes, norms, abilities and self-regulation. The teams’ mission for the week is to select the behaviour that they aim to target in order to address the problem statement they are working on.

The second session was hosted by project partner ACRES, who also gave the participants a tour of their Wildlife Rescue Centre 📷 Jeff Lee Jun Yan

Session 1: Our hackathon got off to a successful start on 22 June 2019 at the Singapore Sustainability Academy! Teams met each other and their partners for the first time, learned about the definition of behaviour, stages of behaviour change and how to identify and analyse problems. They also received the first of their weekly missions: identify and analyse their problem statement that they will be working on for the remainder of the hackathon!

Participants using the '5 Whys' technique to identify the root causes of problems 📷 Jolene Yap
Participants using the ‘5 Whys’ technique to identify the root causes of problems 📷 Jolene Yap

Thank you to your overwhelming interest in the hackathon! 68 youth applied for 30 places, and we selected our applicants after a rigorous evaluation process!

About the hacakthon

Core objectives

Contribute to youth becoming active contributors to society through skills-building and hands-on engagement, while providing effective behaviour change solutions to the social and environmental problems in Singapore.

How the hackathon will work

Six groups of five participants will be assigned their problem statement at the start of the hackathon. Over five sessions, participants will attend lessons on basic behaviour change theories and tools, and complete tasks that will enable their group to develop a behaviour change project proposal to their assigned problem statement. WISE will also provide coaching sessions in-between sessions while groups complete their tasks.

Problem statements

Problem statements participants will work on include:

  • Co-existing with wildlife (ACRES)
  • Shifting negative perceptions about aging (Bold at Work)
  • Bring your own (BYO) habits (Erth & Co.)
  • Proper disposal of waste during community events (Green Nudge)
  • Healthy eating among low-income households (Halo Health Asia)
  • Treating foreign domestic workers with dignity (HOME)


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