Faces of WISE: Adithya Asprilla (March 2019)

Adit is our March 2019 face of WISE

Adithya Asprilla is a passionate young man who was born and bred in Bandung. After graduating with a Bachelor degree in Journalism from University of Padjadjaran, Indonesia in 2018 he searched for opportunities to expand his writing portfolio. It was then that he chanced upon WISE via the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) online volunteering website.

It was not easy for him at first having to write in English but his aspiration was to be a polyglot (a person who knows and is able to use several languages) so that got him out of his comfort zone. What started out as a personal quest to fulfil his aspiration turned out to be one that ignited his passion for the community. One of his most impressionable assignments was the article on tofu factories in Sumedang. Having little exposure to this industry, he had to grapple with environmental jargon and words that he had never heard of. However, such challenges appealed to his aspirations.

Soon, his continuous exposure to environmental and social issues deepened his desire to do more. He is most concerned with the fact that there are still many communities in developing countries that are not getting proper sanitation such as clean drinking water in these modern times. He hopes more people will gain insight and be aware of the needs of these communities through his writing but most importantly be inspired to reach out with help.

Written by Joyce Tham. This article is also available in Bahasa Indonesia.

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