Since launching with a capacity building project in 2016, WISE’s programs have expanded to include community development and behaviour change.

A resident of Boeung Tim Village tells WISE about how her access to clean water has been affected by the drying of Sangker River (Battambang, Cambodia)

Community development
Directly or through local partners, WISE works with communities to address their WASH priorities. By emphasising active participation and collective action, we encourage communities to take ownership of their needs and decisions. WISE is currently running the Phnom sanitation project (Tbong Khmum, Cambodia) in partnership with Neakpoan Organisation for Development, and is developing the Tapon drought project (Battambang, Cambodia). We are also identifying potential projects across Indonesia. Read more.

Capacity building
WISE builds the knowledge and skills of teams to increase the impact of their own community projects. By designing customised training curricula with an authentic learning environment complemented by dedicated mentoring, we maximise benefit to learners, and thus, to communities. WISE has worked with teams like HMTL ITB (Bandung, Indonesia), Project Battambang (Singapore), and Project Daya (Singapore). We also deliver standalone workshops such as the Community Assessment Capacity Building Workshop (Battambang, Cambodia) in 2017. Read more.

Behaviour change
Building a clean well would be ineffective if people continued to eat with dirty hands. Although changing behaviour is really hard, it has enormous potential to transform lives. WISE not only supports behaviour change projects, such as the Kopo zero waste project (Bandung, Indonesia), but also finds ways to do behaviour change better, such as with Gamify WASH. Read more.