YSEALI Generation Go NGO! What do you think of our vision and mission? (Pre-Workshop Week 1)

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Co-Founder Yoke Pean Thye was selected for the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative Generation: Go NGO! workshop. It will be held in Cebu, Philippines, from 16 to 19 November 2016. The workshop provides a comprehensive overview of what is necessary to make a difference in ASEAN’s NGO sector in the 2020s. Besides the four-day workshop in Cebu, the experience also includes pre-workshop virtual exercises and post-workshop professional development activities. Over the next few weeks, Yoke Pean will be sharing her experience from the virtual activities leading up to the workshop.

Reflections from YSEALI Generation Go NGO! Pre-Workshop Week 1

The news that I was selected for the YSEALI Generation Go NGO! Workshop arrived in my inbox in the midst of a very busy week, at almost midnight. I remember reading the email just as I was about to crash into bed with fatigue…the surge of excitement that followed alleviated my exhaustion…even for just a moment!

Fast forward a week later, and we were introduced to the online platform ProofHub where our pre-workshop virtual activities were to take place. The purpose of these pre-workshop sessions are to provide the delegation with background information on NGO management and to help us share our thoughts and background with the entire delegation. I was excited to introduce myself and WISE and connect with like-minded youth in the region – the discussion board and chat box in the online platform surely helps!

The first session focused on vision and mission statements, bylaws and board of directors. They also outlined steps to address a problem and offered links to resources on registering NGOs in each of the ASEAN member states.

The advice on vision and mission statements were interesting because it gave me an opportunity to reflect on WISE’s own vision and mission:

Vision: A Southeast Asia in which there is universal and equitable access to water, sanitation and hygiene.

Mission: Enable communities, based on their needs, to acquire the capacity to improve their water, sanitation and hygiene practices. We do this by helping communities obtain the necessary resources, knowledge and skills and training and mentoring future leaders to implement projects.

What do you think? Do you find our vision and mission inspirational, clear, memorable and concise?

I was also keen to learn about bylaws and boards of directors as our fellow Core Team staff Zamsyar Giendhra Fad is in the process of revising WISE’s bylaws and will be spearheading the setting up of our Board of Advisors. I will definitely be sharing what I’ve learned on a board of director’s roles and responsibilities as well as factors that make a good board with the rest of our Core Team.

That’s it for the first week. Looking forward to the second week!

Yoke Pean

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