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Rosa (3rd from right) with other WISE team members at the Community Assessment Capacity Building Workshop in Battambang, Cambodia ( 31 Oct 2017).

Always wondered what it really is like to have a career in NGO? Recently, we chatted with Rosa, one of WISE’s core team members. She shared insights into the learning experience and the joy working at WISE – before she headed out for the INSPIRASI programme in Auckland in July (note: INSPIRASI is a program initiated by UnionAID and the New Zealand government along with the Youth and Sport Ministry of Indonesia for participants in Eastern Indonesia who work in NGOs. There are 8 participants for 8 different NGOs and WISE is one of them).

First, let’s get to know Rosa – an ambitious young lady from Nagekeo, a small town in Flores island, Indonesia. She started with WISE as an ad-hoc volunteer, which then became part-time, and now she has a full-time paid position with WISE. Currently based in Nagekeo, Rosa is working on a partnership with Yayasan Sao Mere (Foundation for the Solidarity for Youth, Women and Children).

What does she like to do during her downtime? “My favourite pastimes are reading, gardening and writing. Recently, I was blown away this book, “Bumi Manusia (This Earth of Mankind)” written by Pramoedy Ananta Toer. I would recommend everyone to read it (and I strongly encourage all senior high school students to read this book!).

Rosa is an ambitious young lady with a kind heart [Photo from the Kopo zero waste project]

You have been involved with the organisation for some time, how did you first get involved?
It all started when I volunteered with WISE along with Dendy back in 2015 and then become a part timer as a field manager for WISE’s consulting projects. I’m currently one of core team members. Meeting the team was great. Everyone was so welcoming and had a lively and pleasant attitude. My time was well-spent and I was surprised how much I learnt!

What was the biggest challenge you had in the past?
Working for a charitable cause is always good. That being said, life is not always a bed of roses. “The toughest battle you’ll ever fight in your life is the battle within yourself,” this quote best describes the challenge Rosa had in the past.

“The biggest challenge was that battle with myself. I became very weak and couldn’t move out of my bed. Luckily, it was just a bad 2 days of my life,”she recalled. Yes, to win the battle against yourself, first, you need to understand you want most in your life? What can you not go a day without thinking about? Now you have to understand that the battle against yourself is the hardest battle. And you will probably tell yourself that you can’t do it. That it is too hard to accomplish. That you are not good enough. Your mind constantly makes up a ton of excuses as to keep you in your comfort zone.

Any great achievement (big or small, doesn’t matter!) you want to share with people?
Although working life in NGO can be hard sometimes (because we’re striving to balance between work and study), it generates a tremendous sense of achievement and fulfillment when you feel that you have made a difference to somebody – however large or small that might be. To me, working at WISE is a great way to meet new people. It also strengthens our ties to the community and broadens our support network, exposing us to people with both common and diverse interests. Being part of a team is extremely beneficial and gives a sense of belonging and a connection to others.

What will you learn from INSPIRASI?
We will learn about sustainable development and NGO organizations based on my needs and our organization needs, get to know Maori culture and also improve our English.

Any expectation of your future self?
To enjoy life as much as I can!

Being a part of a community is a great and fulfilling experience. All voluntary organisations are on a mission to help others. Without people this would not happen and every day thousands are helped by others, for so many different reasons. We can see that fighting for a cause is an amazing thing. The most valuable skills you can bring to any cause effort are compassion, an open and positive mind as well as a can-do attitude to do the needful. Why not step up to the plate and join us?

INSPIRASI is an amazing opportunity for people like Rosa to develop professionally and personally. All the best and we look forward to your updates!

Evelyn Chin is a writer who was mobilised through UNV’s Online Volunteering Service.


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