How WISE supports team members’ professional development

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“To develop professionally: Adopt a beginner’s mindset, stay teachable, seek feedback, teach others, embrace teamwork.” – Dan McCabe

Team members Sophorn, Nicel, Vandith and Yoke were also at the seminar on clean water and sanitation management with Julivius

The above quote is in tandem with WISE’s efforts at supporting the professional development of its team members. It does this by regularly sponsoring its team members to seminars, workshops and trainings. Presently, Rosa is undergoing a six-month training programme called INSPIRASI in Auckland. Similarly, Julivius attended a seminar on Clean Water and Sanitation Management Towards Universal Access in 2019 in Sumedang, Indonesia.

Also, Piseth was at a Youth Leading the World Workshop in 2017 and Bima attended the Co-creation Conversation Workshop. Likewise, Jenny, Yuniki and Sophorn participated in the UNHCR humanitarian action workshop.

Sophorn, who participated at the UNHCR workshop, said: “The introduction part of the workshop included the core technical sectors involved in humanitarian response to water, sanitation and hygiene, shelter, food and nutrition, education, health that will be useful for my future as a wastewater engineer”. She said the knowledge obtained from UNHCR was really beneficial to her professional development and WISE’s activities. “Working in the Phnom sanitation project, I was able to apply the negotiation skills in my volunteering work,” said Sophorn.

Sophorn participated in the UNHCR workshop with team members Jenny and Yuniki 📸 Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin Foundation)

At the Youth Leading the World workshop organised by OzGreen, participants were taken through global trends in water, fuel, food, climate change, biodiversity, economics, wellbeing, among others. The workshop, of course, was organised to increase the capacity of youth, social innovators, change makers and facilitators in organisations.

The focus of the workshop at the Co-creation Conversation, where Bima participated, was on WASH. And the key areas covered include: problems and solutions utilising combinatorial innovation, the importance of partnerships and the essentials of partnering.

Unfortunately learning opportunities are not always equally beneficial or applicable to WISE’s work. To Julivius, even though he gained enormous knowledge from the seminar he attended on Clean Water and Sanitation Management Towards Universal Access in 2019, he has yet to utilise it for his professional development. “I gained a lot of knowledge from the workshop but I don’t think it has helped me in my professional development or WISE’s activities,” Julivius said.

Nevertheless, WISE will continually support the professional development of its team members in order to keep them abreast with the latest trends and knowledge in WASH-related services. We are working towards building a team of outstanding professionals who make a lot of waves!

✍️ Monday Yakubu is a writer who was mobilised through UNV’s Online Volunteering Service.


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