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WISE works in Indonesia and Cambodia, in addition to Singapore In this photo, WISE team members pose for a photo in Phnom Village 📸 Andry Hamida (5 Jul 2018)

In addition to the currently-available English version of the website, the WISE team is now working to translate all the website content to Indonesian and Khmer. When being asked about the reason for starting the translation project, Yoke Pean Thye, the co-founder of WISE said, “It was something the Core Team always thought was important to do, we just didn’t have the resources to do it”. Besides Singapore, Indonesia and Cambodia are two countries where WISE is currently focusing their programs, hence this translation project is deemed important. “We want to ensure that we reach as many people as possible in both countries within our available resources, which means the national working languages for now”, she continued. In these two countries, English is not widely spoken, hence only those of a higher economic and social class are generally proficient in it. “If our mission is to improve equality and equity through water, sanitation, and hygiene, then communicating in languages that the communities we serve understand is a must”, she added.

The translation project to both Indonesian and Khmer languages has started in December last year. The project is led by Cai Lin Gwee, a volunteer who has joined the WISE family since 2015. Cai Lin has a strong interest in languages and has previous experience as a private Chinese, English and German tutor. Her experience in English-Chinese proofreading / translation work hence provided her a suitable background for leading this project. Currently supported by four Indonesian-speaking and five Khmer-speaking volunteers (as at end January 2019), the current WISE website has been progressively translated to Indonesian and Khmer since early 2019. The target date for completing the bulk of the translation for both the Indonesian and Khmer websites will be around end-2019, although it will mostly depend on volunteer availability. With this new feature, the WISE team expects to reach as many readers and involve as many people as possible in both countries, hence enlarge the possible areas of service and impact.

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