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It has been a while since we last heard from Rosa and her involvement with INSPIRASI. But guess what? We’ve got something exciting to tell you! She is now back in Indonesia with many inspiring and interesting stories to tell.

INSPIRASI has finally ended. The program, which lasted for 6 months, from June to December 2018, has certainly brought many meaningful changes to Rosa’s life. During the first 3 months, Rosa focused on improving her English language skills, followed by training on the theme of sustainable development. The training consisted of workshops and courses related to various social issues such as gender equality, the women’s movement, human rights, food security, early childhood education and youth empowerment. Participants were trained in order for them to increase awareness and become a change maker for these issues. In addition, during the training, Rosa had the opportunity to visit the New Zealand state legislature and its local councils. She was brought on an excursion to the Maori Village to experience their culture, as well as dinner with Indonesian Ambassador of New Zealand Mr. Tantowi Yahya, New Zealand Ministry of Finance staff and UnionAID staff in the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Wellington. How interesting!

Rosa (first row, 4th from right) and Indonesian participants visiting Embassy of Republic of Indonesia in Wellington

During her stay in New Zealand, there were many things that blew her mind. At first, Rosa expected INSPIRASI’s activities to be very formal. However, they turned out to be very flexible and enjoyable from the extremely educational and encouraging learning sessions, the advanced and comfortable conditions of the city to her fellow creative and reliable participants. Most certainly, Rosa enjoyed everything tremendously!

Together with WISE and supported by her experience from participating in INSPIRASI, Rosa hopes that the project on waste management in the Nagekeo area, NTT will be able to raise awareness of the problem and protect the environment from waste. Also, this project would be the basis for government and related institutions in managing waste problems in the area. Wishing you all tons of luck!

Fun fact! One of the most pleasant moments for Rosa while living in New Zealand was skiing at Ruapehu Mt. Since it was her first time, it was rather uncomfortable wearing ski shoes due to its weight. She fell because of nervousness but in the end, the experience was totally worth it!

That’s a wrap, everyone!

We’ll see you again in the next interesting story with other WISE volunteers!

✍️ Jenny Luh is a writer who was mobilised through UNV’s Online Volunteering service.


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