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‘Whatever you’re going through, you will do just that, so say thank you now’ – Oprah Winfrey

“I like this quote from Oprah. I keep overusing it, because it helps remind myself that the only way is through. So might as well say thank you for the opportunity, challenge, or whatever it it is.”

Jonie Masaganda is absolutely passionate about life. She enjoys interacting with people and that is a great blessing as we could all get a good dose of her positivity and zest. It comes as no surprise then that her favourite writers include Oprah Winfrey, Iyanla Vanzant and Michael Crichton. She is a firm believer of words and actions that empower and inspire people.

As a Human Resource Specialist at an international IT Company, Jonie gets to live out her aspiration in connecting and helping people. Talented in the areas of connectedness, she often helps others see the interrelatedness of actions and situations that eventually bring about understanding and appreciation. It would be a pity to keep this drive to make lives better within one organization, hence she volunteered for WISE. Jonie first came across WISE on the UNV Online Volunteering service and decided she wanted to be a part of WISE’s cause. She wants, in however small ways she can, to improve the lives of her communities in the Philippines. She hopes for better sanitation and infrastructure especially in the low-lying areas.

As an online volunteer, one of her most impressionable assignments from WISE was writing about the Community Assessment Capacity Building (CACB) workshop. CACB was a three-day workshop that aimed to empower youths to proactively address challenges within their community. Looking through over 700 photographs and listening to the sharing from the videos, it was as if she was actually present at the workshop. It was an eye-opener as to how much more everyone could do for our communities. As Jonie puts it, “I think WISE is amazing. What they do should be spread across the world so that more and more people care. As people should.”

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