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WISE has introduced three editions of the Designing for Behaviour Change (DBC) workshops in Singapore so far. Since 2018, we’ve had more than 100 participants. Today, let’s meet DBC alumni Imran, a young Singaporean who has shown great spirit and courage in pioneering social initiatives.

“Luck is a manifestation of time and effort invested into improving yourself and creatively seeking new opportunities.” – Imran

Imran is the co-founder of PaperBackPackers. “We are a group that aims to develop individuals who wish to learn [more] about themselves so that they can better contribute their skills and knowledge to their team and the community,” Imran tells us, “‘Paperback’ translates to the knowledge that a person can gain from conventional mediums such as lessons, schools, courses, text, etc…[and] ‘backpackers’ refers to knowledge you gain from experiences and encounters that you accumulate from your travel and interactions with the world.” 

Prior to starting PaperBackPackers, Imran had worked with many groups in both the corporate and social sectors. PaperBackPackers was the result of Imran’s concern that organizations were unable to find their next breakthrough due to unaddressed limiting factors.

He identified three limiting factors. Firstly, individuals or teams not operating in their right capacity. This mismatch leads them to become demoralised and confused about their purpose in everything that they do. Secondly, individuals not having the skills or expertise that can empower them to perform their duties effectively. Not investing enough into transferable and “futureproof” skillsets makes it difficult to stay relevant. Thirdly, not adapting to the realities of the globalisation wave and industry 4.0. Overwhelmed by development and change, individuals and teams are unable to perform effectively.

Imran joined the third edition of the DBC workshop in March 2019. He had been looking out for programme design workshops, and when he saw WISE’s call for applications on Facebook, he immediately signed up and invited his friends as well. 

“[It was] well-crafted, and very relevant to the different contexts that we are working with.” 

Through the workshop, Imran learned how to account for behavioural factors in program design. He explored the entry points for behaviour change and was able to focus on making PaperBackPackers’ programmes more sustainable and more receptive to their target audience. These lessons acted as a “compass” for Imran as he went about refining PaperBackPackers’ initiatives.  

In the near future, Imran hopes to use the ideas he learned from the DBC workshop to engage PaperBackPackers’ participants. “The ideas imparted will value add to our conversations with our participants as we are able to explore and uncover their motivations better,” says Imran. 

How you can join in

Paperbackpackers hosts sessions every Monday to discuss ideas related to personal development and skill development. The primary discussion point currently revolves around Goal Setting and Self-Awareness Frameworks to help participants identify personal strengths and weakness. Participants can then chart their next move in order to get closer to accomplishing their aspirations.

Paperbackpackers will also be introducing discussion sessions on how individuals and businesses can leverage social media tools to enhance their business presence. Participants will also be invited to a support group for those seeking pointers for starting a business or freelancing in Singapore. 

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