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21 year old Elen, as how she would like to be called, was born in Palembang, South Sumatera, Indonesia. She first came across WISE via the United Nations Online Volunteering platform and decided to volunteer as an online writer because she believes in the importance of water and sanitation. Doing so would also allow her to polish her writing skills while having a positive impact on communities. However, WISE noticed that she had a law degree and asked her to contribute her legal expertise instead. Now, as a Civil Servant Candidate (CPNS: Calon Pegawai Negeri Sipil) at the Ministry of Finance, Elen provides research and writing support to the WISE’s legal team. She contributes by actively and efficiently researching how to set up a foundation (yayasan) in Indonesia. This was also the highlight of her volunteering experience. As all discussions were done via email, it was very challenging in terms of the timeliness of the information provided and ensuring accuracy of the content that was communicated. Fortunately, Yoke, the co-founder of WISE was very helpful and was forthcoming with her feedback. Elen had, in fact, realised that social media could be a tool used for contributing to social causes.

Apart from volunteering and work, Elen greatest love is her family. Her parents especially have done much in contributing to her achievements today. She treasures every moment she spends with them. Those moments are what make all the challenges she faces more bearable. When asked what would be one thing about herself that she would like to change, she said, “I overthink about things, so I want to worry less!” We are sure that will not be too difficult to achieve if you were to continue to surround yourself with friends you trust and always laugh with. Thank you for your contribution. In the future, Elen hopes to see WISE collaborate more with local organizations.

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