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WISE has introduced three editions of the Designing for Behaviour Change (DBC) workshops in Singapore so far. Since 2018, we’ve had more than 100 participants. Today, let’s meet Lastrina, one of the young Singaporeans who are inspiring many by their spirit and courage in pioneering social initiatives.

“The Designing for Behaviour Change workshop had lots of content that I found useful for my work.” – Lastrina

You would have to be living in a very durable cave if you haven’t heard of climate change. Lastrina was one of the first participants in DBC’s Designing for Behaviour Change (DBC) workshops, and a pioneer in climate change youth action in Singapore. Let’s meet Lastrina today!

Lastrina co-founded Singapore Youth for Climate Action (SYCA) back in 2015. SYCA is a community of young Singapore residents who come together with the common goal to take climate action. SYCA was founded when Lastrina and the team, who were already active in the local environmental scene, observed the lack of a platform for young people in Singapore to gather and have their voices heard on environmental matters.

The ground-up climate movement in Singapore back in 2015 brimmed with untapped potential. Lastrina recalled that, unlike many of her neighbours, Singapore did not have youth representation at the UN Climate Change Conferences. This would change with the founding of SYCA.

SYCA sought to do three things. Firstly, to enable youths to step forward, connect and take climate action together. Secondly, to clarify what climate action is, and how it is relevant for youths in Singapore. Thirdly, to engage decision-makers and climate negotiators in meaningful dialogue to influence policy decisions.

Nowadays, Lastrina observes that much more is being done about climate action in Singapore. “The ground-up climate movement in Singapore has [become] more vibrant…with the formation of other groups.”

Lastrina joined the pilot DBC workshop in September 2018 and volunteered as a co-facilitator in a subsequent iteration. She first heard about the workshop from Yoke Pean, WISE’s co-founder. Attending the workshop made her question the strategic direction taken by environmental activists and organisations. She wondered whether the time was ripe to shift the emphasis from advocacy to action.

In 2018, SYCA began to focus on collaboration with other organisations, and this year, the team is consolidating to chart new directions for the volunteer group. Lastrina herself is currently pursuing her Master’s in Sustainable Development Management at the Jeffrey Sachs Center on Sustainable Development in Sunway University. One issue she hopes to examine through her studies is the impact of climatic changes on coastal communities in the ASEAN region.

We look forward to SYCA’s upcoming projects and to the insights Lastrina gathers from her studies!

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Find out more about SYCA here!

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