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Malida presenting WISE’s paper on gamification and game-based learning to promote household-level waste management 📷 Thye Yoke Pean (12 Nov 2018)

With a strong desire to do good, and a spirit to try on new things, the volunteer we are featuring today is Malida Magista, a public health practitioner that specialises in health communication.

Malida learnt about WISE through the United Nations Online Volunteering platform, as she was keen to apply the knowledge that she has learnt from her Master of Public Health course from Washington University in St. Louis. She is currently helping WISE to research about how we can use gamification to encourage handwashing habits in Indonesia.

Malida believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to have a heathy life, and it is that belief that fuels her commitment towards volunteering for WASH causes. She is an optimist, taking pride in the progress that Southeast Asia has made in improving its WASH conditions over the years. When asked what her secret is in keeping a positive outlook for the future, she confidently replied: “Because we need to have a high optimism to deal with WASH problems, right?”

The truth is, Malida lives by a life goal that we can all relate to – to live a life without regret. What this means to her is to give her time in service of others, for a cause that she believes in. When what she is doing aligns with her personal values, to her, “it seems like I gain more than I give”.

Are you like Malida, who is passionate about WASH issues, and would like to spend your time in service of others? Come and be a part of our WISE family, as we work together to alleviate the water, sanitation and hygiene challenges in Southeast Asia!

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