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Behind that beautiful smile, Bella is a passionate pharmacist who fell in love with working in the field of public health. Immediately after her Masters in Public Health, she started volunteering with WISE as a researcher for articles that share about the WASH conditions. Bella sees that her volunteering with WISE as a great way to also better understand her own country’s, Indonesia, WASH conditions so that she can better contribute.

During one of her own external assignments to survey on immunization, she visited a neighbourhood in the coastal area of Kalimantan, Borneo. She was shocked and saddened by what she saw. Narrow pavements made up of timber where everyone has to step aside for a motorcycle to pass. Seven households sharing one tiny house. An area that was meant for water was so filled with trash that there was no sign of water left. The man of the family were fishermen while the women had to sell street food to make ends meet. It was then that impressed upon her why the residents often suffered from diarrhea and dermatitis. They had neither the resources nor the knowledge to improve their living conditions.

This impacted her greatly to this day. She believes that there are a lot more that needs to be done. A water tank in a condition like that in Kalimantan to provide clean water to the residents were not enough. More education is needed on sanitation. Research and development are necessary to make the environment greener and better. Relying on the government’s efforts is not enough. She thinks that everyone has a part to play in changing the dilapidated conditions of these people.

On a lighter note, she absolutely enjoyed her assignment in writing conference paper for CSID AUN-SCUD International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure and Urban Development. Although the team was working remotely, the team work was amazing. They even managed to publish an academic paper in a journal.

Bella is definitely an individual full of drive. She always tells herself, “You are not competing with others. You are competing with yourself.” With the support from the people she loves most, her family, she most likely could be like her childhood hero, Sailormoon, to make these places more liveable.

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