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A roundup of what our team was up to in November!

Indonesia 🇮🇩

During dry season, Tuanio Primary School gets no water at all. Students are asked to bring their own jerrycans and collect water from a nearby, nearly dry, water source 📷 Rosadalima Dee Panda (14 Nov 2019)

Fresh from their trip to Semarang (links to Facebook), The team continued to visit villages in Nagekeo to gather stories for Story of the Land. At Tuanio Primary School in Pagomogo Village, Core Team member Rosa and volunteer Harris also carried out a preliminary assessment of access to water, toilet, and handwashing facilities. They are working together with a team of volunteers in Germany, led by Core Team member Dian, to develop a partnership.

Rosa (left) and Harris (3rd from left) met with Bappeda on 6 Nov 2019.

WISE’s efforts in Nagekeo has gained the attention of local government agencies, and we were invited by the Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) to participate in a meeting on sustainable tourism. We are excited for the opportunity to play our part in the regency’s development!

Cambodia 🇰🇭

Activities in Cambodia have slowed down in recent months as our team is down to a single part-time member working one day per week. However, Sophorn and the rest of the team members remain committed to the communities we have been working with. She has been writing up a report on the Phnom Sanitation Project‘s latrine construction subsidy scheme, in preparation for consulting the residents on next steps.

Singapore 🇸🇬

Team LinkAges, pictured here working on their doer/non-doer survey during Session 4 of BCHack19, came in first place during Pitch Day 📷 Toh Xin Yi (13 Jul 2019)

Post-hackathon, the teams continue move forward with their projects. Winner Team LinkAges successfully received a grant from National Youth Council’s Young ChangeMakers community, while runner-up Maid for More published a series of posts on Instagram and Facebook mapping the various forms of indignities faced by migrant domestic workers (MDWs). Check them out!

Meanwhile, the Behaviour Change Hackathon (BCHack) team continued to work on the Investment Readiness Programme, including identifying customer segments to target.

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