2019 review

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It was a year when WISE initiated projects that we were really proud of because we felt they added real value to creating social and environmental change. What we achieved was in large part due to the 3 interns and 50 new volunteers we welcomed to the family. Thank you!

On the other hand, a number of key team members stepped back from their roles, which have slowed down the progress with some projects. Despite the challenges, we remain committed to our projects and partners.

Here are some highlights from 2019!

Story of the Land takes a unique approach to environmental protection

A Pagomogo villager tells the story of Da’i, a hunting ritual before growing season 📷 Rosadalima Dee Panda (15 Nov 2019)

Inspired by her six-month experience with Indonesian Young Leaders Programme (INSPIRASI) in Auckland, New Zealand, Core Team member Rosa started a project in her hometown of Nagekeo, Indonesia, to leverage traditional wisdom in order to eliminate littering. Their findings from Anakoli Village was shared by team member Harris at the 1st International Conference on Environment, Sustainability Issues and Community Development. The project also attracted the attentions of the local government, such as the Development Planning Agency (Bappeda), who have invited the team to contribute to local policy discussions.

In 2020, the team will complete their interviews and turn them into a resource for activists and policy makers. We also plan to expand our projects in Nagekeo, with potential opportunities to support sanitation and education initiatives.

Final subsidy recipient completes payment for their latrine

WISE team member Sophorn (left) introduces resident Hom Nean (right) to the subsidy scheme 📷  Intan Adiputri (2 July 2018)

This marked a successful conclusion to the our pilot latrine construction subsidy scheme in Phnom Village. Although we were keen to follow-up on these positive results, the lack of a full-time staff in Cambodia and limited capacity of our volunteers means that progress has been slow. It has also been a similar story with the Tapon Drought Project, where we have found it challenging to move beyond the needs assessment phase. Although we managed to deliver a crowdfunding workshp for our partners Neakpoan Organization for Development and Community Training Organization for Development, we faced similar difficulties finding someone with fundraising experience to provide hands-on support so that our partners could apply what they learned to an actual campaign.

With luck, in 2020, we will be able to hire staff who can help accelerate efforts in Cambodia.

BCHack was recognised as a game-changing project

The six-week programme saw teams designing solutions for non-profit organisations and social enterprises. In this photo, participants were learning how to conduct focus group discussions 📷 MJ Photography (13 July 2019)

We were surprised and honoured to among the 50 projects featured in the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network’s Youth Solutions Report, selected from over 4,300 submissions. Following the hackathon, we continue to support three of the six projects incubated by the programme – Drink Wise Waste Less, Maid for More, and Project LinkAges. We are also in discussions to replicate the hackathon in Cambodia and working to adapt the programme for different types of participants.

The hackathon was an expansion of Designing for Behaviour Change workshops that we had been running in Singapore. We also made good progress on adapting these workshops to be run in Indonesia and Cambodia in 2020.

WISE is registered in Indonesia

After a three year journey, WISE was registered as a Foundation (Yayasan) in Indonesia. We are also in the process of obtaining charitable status in Singapore. In 2020, we plan to register as a domestic NGO in Cambodia. Elections for the founding members of WISE Cambodia are underway!


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