WISE Happenings | January 2020

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With the coronavirus situation reaching DORSCON Level Orange in Singapore on 7 February 2020, and the possibility that it is spreading undetected in Indonesia and Cambodia, we are closely monitoring the situation and are putting in place measures to ensure the health and safety of our team members and participants.

Prototyping a ‘self-directed’ version of the Behaviour Change Hackathon

The Behaviour Change Hackathon in Singapore in 2019 attracted many participants. However, having six weekend sessions over two months with team tasks to complete in between was structured and intensive. This was not always suitable. Some people were not available on Saturdays or could not commit the several hours per week required to complete the programme 📷 MJ Photography (29 July 2019)

WISE is prototyping a version of the Behaviour Change Hackathon where participants get to participate in the hackathon at a pace that is comfortable for them. Instead of physical sessions, participants are provided with readings and videos to learn the material, and apply them to a problem statement that they are working on. By the end of the Self-directed Lab, participants would have selected a number of behaviour change techniques (BCTs) to effectively address their chosen problem.

We are currently prototyping the Self-Directed Lab with three WISE team members in Singapore aiming to reduce junk (advertising) mail. Are you interested to try the Lab out? Find out more here and reach out if you’re game!

Gathering more stories and folktales in Nagekeo, Indonesia

Novi (centre) and Rosa (right) speaking with one of the residents of Danga Village 📷 Rosadalima Dee Panda (17 January 2020)

In Flores, WISE continued to learn about how traditional wisdom connected communities to their land. Having gone to Pagomogo Village and Anakoli Village in previous months, we then visited the residents of Danga Village. The project aims to develop this knowledge into a resource that activists and policymakers can use to inform environmental action in the regency.

Expanding the board in Singapore

Newly-appointed board members Lydia (left) and Cai Lin (right) facilitating a Designing for Behaviour Workshop on 12 January 2019 📷 Tan Qing Lin

With an eye to improving our governance and obtaining charitable status in Singapore, WISE appointed long-time volunteers Cai Lin and Lydia to join co-founder Yoke Pean on the board. We also amended our constitution in line with the requirements of the Commissioner of Charities. Our next steps will be to submit an application to register as a charity, which might take several months, then start reorganise our board composition to be representative of our team members and the stakeholders we serve and work with.

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