WISE Happenings | February 2020

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Highlights of what the WISE family achieved last month!

Our first exhibition in Indonesia

Ex-intern and current volunteer Gigih, who is now a Junior Water and Sanitation Expert at the Ministry of National Development Planning (BAPPENAS), sharing about WISE during the National Water and Sanitation Festival 📷 @nwsf.itb (15 Feb 2020)  

WISE started out in 2016 with co-founders from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). Therefore we were privileged to be invited to participate in the 2020 ITB National Water and Sanitation Festival (link in Bahasa Indonesia), organised by Keluarga Mahasiswa Infrastruktur Lingkungan (Environmental Infrastructure Students Society). We were glad for the opportunity to increase our outreach in Indonesia and hope for more of such opportunities in future!

Appointing WISE’s founding members in Cambodia

Congratulations to our WISE Cambodia founding members Sophorn, Asti and Asti (left to right) 

WISE has been supporting partners Neakpoan Organization for Development and Community Training Organization for Development for several years through the Phnom Sanitation Project and the Tapon Drought Project respectively. However, we wish to do more in Cambodia by registering a domestic NGO. 

Following a months-long election process which saw five team members step up to stand as a candidate, the Core Team selected long-time volunteers Maria, Sophorn (who also previously worked part-time for WISE) and Asti as the founding members of WISE Cambodia to register the NGO. As board members, they are also responsible for ensuring accountability. One of the board’s priorities is to determine a local organisational structure that will work for the Cambodia team.

Disseminating outcomes from the Behaviour Change Hackathon

As part of our efforts to share the insights gained from all our projects, the Behaviour Change Hackathon 2019 team are producing reports of each hackathon team’s research and proposal, starting with Health for Thought who worked with project partner Halo Health Asia to encourage caregivers from low-income households to purchase vegetables and fruit for their children. Check out their report here!

Reports for the remaining teams will be published in the coming months. The process takes time as they are put together by the team members and/or WISE volunteers in their free time. If you would like to help write a report, apply to join the WISE family here.

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