Yayasan Sao Mere and WISE (Nagekeo) Support the Prevention of Coronavirus

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This article was published in Florespos on 27 Mar 2020. Below is an English version of the article translated by WISE.

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Image description: the Head of Yayasan Sao Mere, Kasianus Sebho, together with the Chairman of Commission I from the House of Representatives (DPRD), handed over the donation to the Aeramo Hospital on Friday (27/3/2020).

Mbay, Flores Pos – In order to support the prevention of coronavirus transmission in Nagekeo District, Yayasan Sao Mere work together with WISE – WASH in Southeast Asia of Nagekeo to donate water tanks and containers for handwashing. The donations were given to two public facilities in Nagekeo Regency, namely Danga Market and Aeramo Hospital.

The Head of Yayasan Sao Mere, Kasianus Sebho, said on Friday (27/3/2020) that the movement to combat the spread of coronavirus must be done by the whole of society independently, with one of them being regular handwashing. “To support hygiene and healthy behavior, especially to encourage handwashing in preventing the spread of coronavirus, Yayasan Sao Mere in collaboration with WISE (Nagekeo) provided hygiene facilities in the form of fibre water tanks and containers equipped with tap water for washing hands,” he said.

Kasianus specified that Yayasan Sao Mere and WISE’s donations, which included two fibre water tanks and six containers for handwashing, were installed in the Danga Terminal and the entrance of Danga Market, while another two fibre water tanks were donated to Aeramo Hospital. “We chose to put fibre water tanks around public facilities to be accessible to the community. It is hoped that with the availability of water tanks and containers for handwashing, people would have little difficulty maintaining personal hygiene, especially in terms of washing hands,” he said.

Kasianus further said that markets are very susceptible to the spread of the disease. “We can see that the things sold in the market were touched by many people. This includes the money circulating and exchanging hands in the market. This makes the disease easily transmitted, especially the coronavirus,” he explained.

The same was implemented in hospitals and other health facilities, further explained Kasianus. “We saw that Aeramo Hospital does not have sufficient fibre water tanks, so we donated to them as well. Hopefully, medical staff, visitors and patients can more easily to wash their hands to stop the spread of various kinds of infectious diseases,” he said.

Program Manager of WISE (Nagekeo), Rosadalima Panda explained that the donation of water tanks and handwashing facilities is a form of participation and support from WISE (Nagekeo) to the government of the Nagekeo Regency to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. “During this time, WISE has been working with Yayasan Sao Mere to promote a clean and healthy lifestyle, do fundraising, and provide education to the community through the English Club,” she said.

With regard to the fight against the coronavirus, Rosadalima also said that her organisation wanted to be part of facilitating handwashing for the public. “If the public can wash their hands with discipline, the chain of the spread of coronavirus can be terminated,” she said.

Rosadalima stated that in addition to the fibre water tanks and containers for handwashing, WISE will also donate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for medical personnel in the Nagekeo Regency. “We have already assessed the needs of Aeramo Hospital and what is needed the most is PPE. Therefore we have contacted the suppliers of PPE. When the supplies are ready, we will send it to the medical staff in Nagekeo Regency,” she said.

Responding to the donations by Yayasan Sao Mere and WISE (Nagekeo), the Chairman of Commission I from the House of Representative (DPRD) Nagekeo, Petrus Dua, expressed his appreciation. “Donation in the form of fibre water tanks and containers for handwashing is really very appropriate and beneficial to the community, in the midst of the scarcity of hand sanitizer and liquid disinfectants,” continued Petrus.

Petrus hoped that the support of Yayasan Sao Mere and WISE (Nagekeo) can inspire others to do the same thing. “We don’t have a lot of critical items needed to confront the spread of coronavirus, both for the general public and for medical personnel. Therefore, I hope that all parties can work together to resolve this issue as best as they can,” he said.

Meanwhile, for the general public, Petrus insisted that they follow the government’s recommendation to stay at home, wash their hands with soap, avoid crowds, and keep a distance with others.

Author: Risa Roga

Editor: Arsen Jemarut


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