Yayasan Sao Mere and WISE Nagekeo Donated PPE for Health Workers

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This article was published in Florespos on 17 April 2020. Below is an English version of the article translated by WISE.

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Yayasan Sao Mere dan WISE Nagekeo Sumbangkan APD bagi Tenaga Kesehatan

Image description: the Regent of Nagekeo, Yohanes Don Bosco Do (left) received the help of PPE from the Chairman of Yayasan Sao Mere, Kasianus Sebho accompanied by the Program Manager WISE, Rosadalima Panda in his office, Friday (17/4/2020).


Mbay, Flores Pos – In order to support the preventive measure to stop transmission of corona virus in the Nagekeo District, the Yayasan Sao Mere Nagekeo in collaboration with WISE (Wash in Southeast Asia) Nagekeo Area to donate a set of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for health workers in the Nagekeo District. The donations were accepted directly by the Regent of Nagekeo, Yohanes Don Bosco Do, Friday (17/4/2020).

The chairman of the Yayasan Sao Mere Nagekeo, Kasianus Sebho, said that the movement to combat the spread of the corona virus must be done by the whole society.

“However, health personnel and border security officers are the frontlines who make the first contact with the travellers from the epicentre of the disease,”he said.

Therefore, Kasianus said further, Yayasan Sao Mere in collaboration with WISE Nagekeo, providing assistance in the form of personal Protective Equipment to the Taskforce Prevention and Control of Covid-19 in Nagekeo District, to then distributed to each health centre and post border in the district.

Kasianus specified that the help from Yayasan Sao Mere and WISE Nagekeo are in the form of googles, hazmat suit, gloves, boots, surgical masks, N95 masks, face shields, hair cup, handscoon/latex glove, and shoe covers.

“We hope that the PPE we provided, can help protect the medical personnel in the efforts to combat the coronavirus,”he said.

The same expectations conveyed by the Program Manager WISE Nagekeo Area, Rosadalima Panda. Rosa said that the donation is kind of participation and support from WISE Nagekeo to the Government of the Nagekeo DIstrict in preventing the spread of coronavirus.

“Hopefully, the PPE we donated can help to expedite the task of the health workers in the Nagekeo District,”she said.

Rosadalima stated that beside PPE, WISE will also donate 10,000 pcs of fabric masks for the community of Nagekeo District.

“At this time (the fabric masks) are still in the production process by the local tailors in Nagekeo District. Our target is people who still have to work outside, amid the regulation to work from home, for example, taxi bike drivers, peddlers, public vehicle drivers, and the others,”she said.

In response to the donation by the Yayasan Sao Mere and WISE Nagekeo, the Regent of Nagekeo, Yohanes Don Bosco Do conveyed his appreciation.

“I send my gratitude to the Yayasan Sao Mere and WISE Nagekeo for the PPE donation. Next step, the distribution of PPE will be conducted by Covid-19 Team in Nagekeo District,” he said.*

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