Government of Nagekeo District Received PPE Donations for Handling COVID-19

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Image The regent of Nagekeo District, Johanes Don Bosco Do accepted PPE donations for handling COVID-19 from the Yayasan Sao Mere and Program Coordinator of the WISE – Wash In Southeast Asia, Nagekeo Area. Photo: Arkadius Togo.

MBAY – As a form of concern in the prevention of COVID-19, the Chairman of Yayasan Sao Mere in collaboration with Program Coordinator of the WISE-Wash In Southeast Asia, Nagekeo Area, donated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the District Government of Nagekeo, Friday (16/4/2020).

The assistance was received directly by the Regent of Nagekeo, Johanes Don Bosco Do, in his room and was witnessed by a number of journalists.

The Regent of Nagekeo, Johanes Don Bosco Do, declared his gratitude to the Chairman of the Yayasan Sao Mere, Kasianus Sebho and to Program Coordinator of the WISE-Wash In Southeast Asia, Ros Panda, for the donation given to support the acceleration effort and prevention of COVID-19 in Nagekeo District.”This donation is certainly very useful for medical personnel who served in the health posts, health centres or in Aeramo Hospital,” he said.

Regent Don Bosco also hopes what is done by the Yayasan Sao Mere and WISE-Wash In Southeast Asia, can be followed by other parties in assisting in the prevention of Covid-19 in the area.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Yayasan Sao Mere, Kasianus Sebho said, this was the second donation provided by the organisation. The first one was in the form of buckets for hand-washing located in the Danga Market, and now they provide assistance in the form of PPE in total of 262 pieces.

Kasianus explained, the donation is targeted for health posts and health centres in seven sub-districts because those places serve as the first contact with people suspected or confimed positive with Covid-19.

“Next time, we will distribute face mask as much as 10 thousand pieces to the community and currently we’re still in preparation phase. The PPE donation resulted from the collaboration between the Yayasan São Mere and WISE-Wash In Southeast Asia, with WISE acted as the fund contributor,” he said.

Kasianus also hoped the donated PPE can be useful for medical workers who become the frontline in prevention and treatment service for COVID-19.
“I am hoping, this donationcan help protect the medical staff from COVID-19. Do not let the health officers in the frontline become victims from this pandemic. We have to protect them, for example by providing them with proper PPE,” he said.

On the same occasion Ros Panda explained detail about the PPE donation that consists of 25 pcs of Goggles, 25 pcs of Hazmat Suits, 50 pcs of Gloves, 50 pairs of Boots, 4 boxes of Surgical Masks, 2 boxes of N95 Masks, 100 pcs of Face Shields, 16 boxes of Hair Cups, 5 boxes of Hand Schoen, and 10 boxes of Shoe Covers, she said.



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