Get involved

Join our efforts to create change by becoming a team member, partnering us on an initiative, or hiring us to support your work.

We welcome interns and volunteers from around the world

Ways to join the WISE Family


We are raising funds to expand our team of full-time and part-time staff in Indonesia and Cambodia over the coming years. Do continue to follow our work if you are interested in a career with WISE.


WISE offers full-time and part-time internships to support students who wish to gain relevant industry skills or experience in the non-profit sector. Compared with volunteers, interns receive more structured professional development support. Funded opportunities are available, but limited.


WISE has a range of regular and ad-hoc roles, projects, and tasks available for anyone to contribute their time, expertise, and skills. You will join a community of team members who support and learn from each other in various capacities.

How we support team members


Connect and get to know each other through volunteer events, interest and location-based groups, and other engagement activities.


Develop professionally and personally by customising your experience, and through mentoring, training, and sharing of resources.


We provide flexible hours and unlimited time off because other aspects of your life are just as if not more important than work.


Salaries are determined based on what you need for a decent quality of life, agreed by consensus among all paid staff.

Work with us to achieve your social or environmental mission


Strategic parnterships

If you are a social or environmental organisation, or educational institution, we can complement each other's expertise and networks.

Sponsor an initiative

As a business or funder, you can provide the resources for us to expand or scale our initiatives to serve more communities.

Engage our services

WISE provides training, research, and evaluation services to support the work of social and environmental organisations.