Advance our mission by providing the resources for us to expand or scale our initiatives.

Sponsorship possibilities

English Club (Indonesia)

Low-income students from rural communities have little opportunity learn English, and subsequently fall behind in academic and job prospects. We improve the educational outcomes and opportunities of elementary school children in Lego, Nusa Tenggara Timur, through weekly classes. The club not only equips students with English skills, but also cultivates critical thinking and values. Sponsor the running of Lego’s English Club, or set up more clubs in other communities in Nagekeo regency.

Behaviour Change Lab (Regional)

The Behaviour Change Lab refers to our suite of programs supporting community organisations and individuals making a difference through influencing the behaviour of the public and people in power. This includes the Behaviour Change Hackathon and Designing for Behaviour Change workshops. Sponsor a hackathon, workshop, resulting project, or the entire initiative, and consider mentoring participants or conducting a presentation.

Mentoring program (WISE)

WISE runs an internal six-month mentoring program connecting volunteers who are more experienced with those who are studying or just starting our in their careers. Besides individual mentoring sessions, we run professional development workshops and learning events that are open to all team members. Sponsor the program, and consider becoming a mentor or conducting a career-related event. 

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What we offer


Your company name or logo will be acknowledged in any program or communications material, and you will be tagged in our social media posts about the program. Title sponsorships or presenting rights can also be considered.


Our programs are run in various parts of Southeast Asia by staff in Indonesia and Singapore as well as volunteers in more than 20 countries. You will have the opportunity to expand your audience and generate leads from around the world.