WISE usually has one or two interns working with WISE at any one time. Our interns are typically students or fresh graduates who wish to gain work experience in the non-profit or water, sanitation, hygiene, waste management, or environmental sector.

A business undergraduate at the National University of Singapore, Qing Lin (left) developed a fundraising strategy for WISE during his internship. In this photo, he is participating in WISE’s Designing for Behaviour Change Workshop 📷 Thye Yoke Pean (15 Dec 2018)

Past interns have been tasked with leading the development of a waste management education module, contextualising our Designing for Behaviour Change workshop to Indonesia, and increasing volunteer engagement.


We believe that your internship should be meaningful and engaging, where you benefit from the experience as much as us. Therefore, we will work together to design a role that aligns with your interests and motivations.

Open vacancies

At present, WISE is not actively recruiting for specific internship roles. However, we are always open to engaging interns. If you are interested in an internship, please browse our list of open volunteering opportunities and the description of team roles and responsibilities to identify the scope of work that you would like to undertake.

An ideal candidate would:

  • Commit at least 8 hours a week to WISE for a period of 3 months;
  • Be self-motivated and proactive;
  • Be able to work remotely with minimal supervision.

Unfortunately, WISE is not currently in the position to offer a salary to interns, but we will reimburse all reasonable amounts spent as part of your duties, such as internet, transportation, and meals.

Together, we will come up with an appropriate working arrangement that fits your circumstances as well as a personal development plan to help meet your career goals.

Interested in joining WISE?

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