Did you know that in Singapore, it is possible to opt out of receiving advertising mail? By encourage people to opt out, this project aims to minimise the wastage of unnecessary paper and printing.


Advertising mail (admail or junk mail) is pervasive. In 2021, marketing mail volume in the United States (US) was 66.2 billion (US Postal Service [USPS], 2022). Statistics from USPS in 2013 found that 23% of households did not even read admail and more than 60% had no intention to respond to admail. This represents billions of marketing mail that is not acted upon.

While there is data from Singapore, anecdotal observations suggest that many households are receiving ad mail that they don’t want.

Let's initiate projects that encourage advertisers and households stop sending and receiving admail.

What is Design for Behaviour Change?

Design for Behaviour Change (DBC) is a programme developed to help participants come up with effective solutions through a problem analysis and solutioning process anchored on a strong understanding of behaviours. Team members can design initiatives to encourage communities to minimise admail.

Interested in joining our admail initiative? Express your interest at and include “Admail” under roles that you are interested in.