The Animals initiative aims to raise awareness of animal welfare issues in Singapore, facilitate cooperation amongst the community, and support innovative solutions to tackle animal welfare issues.

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Animals in Singapore face numerous plights: from domestic abuse to abandonment and even poaching. For example there has been an increasing trend of pets being given up to shelters or abandoned as well as cases of pet abuse by owners or pet businesses. Being an urban biodiversity hotspot, ensuring harmonious co-existence with wildlife is important yet challenging.

While there has been some coordination amongst relevant organisations to address animal-related issues, more can be done to increase opportunities for organisations and interested parties to prioritise needs or deliberate on collective action.

Goals is a one-stop open collaboration wiki where anyone in the community can contribute towards building and maintaining a consolidated, live database on a social issue. 

By keeping the Animals page on updated, WISE aims to:

  • Raise awareness of animal welfare issues in Singapore;
  • Facilitate cooperation amongst the community;
  • Support innovative solutions to tackle animal welfare issues. 

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To further leverage on the Animals page as a platform, WISE is working with the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), National University of Singapore, to set up and co-design a network with animal welfare organisations and interest groups.

Next steps

Along with IPS, we will be organising a series of roundtables to discuss the key issues faced by animal welfare organisations. The insights and recommendations generated from the roundtables will be shared on

How you can help

Animal welfare organisations and interest group are invited to:

  • Co-organise the initiative and/or roundtables;
  • Share feedback on the objectives and approaches of the initiative;
  • Contribute resources to populate the Animals page.
Individuals may also volunteer to:
  • Join our team to organise the roundtables and/or drive the development of the;
  • Update and edit the Animals page.