Behaviour change hackathon

Changing behaviour is hard. But, it plays an important role in bringing about transformational societal change. Climate change, for example, will need systematic informed actions to mobilize responsible parties to do the right things. However, responsible parties will not move by themselves. It is up to us to pressure corporations, governments, and other actors to take action.


The success of the behaviour change process boils down to an understanding of how human behaviour works.  For example, Megan Call (2020) suggests that identifying the stage of change individuals are in can help us customise strategies to promote change.

Therefore, WISE designed the Behaviour Change Hackathon to empower organisations and individuals to address societal and environmental issues through a behaviour change lens, by putting together tools that people will find useful, including stages of changes, to design effective behaviour change strategies.

What is the Behaviour Change Hackathon?

The Behaviour Change Hackathon is a comprehensive programme that guides participants through the journey of designing behaviour-focused solutions to the environmental or social issues around us.

What participants will learn

  • How to analyse and formulate problem statements
  • How to analyze behaviours using basic behavioural theories and factors
  • How to determine the key factors of behaviour change and recommend relevant behaviour change techniques
  • How to work closely with NGOs with related expertise to design and implement the proposed solution to achieve the target behaviour

Delivery methods

  • Lessons: Theoretical knowledge of behaviour change
  • Project work: Participants will work on their selected problem statements through assignments related to the topic of each lesson
  • Coaching: Team members receive mentorship from WISE as well as guidance from NGOs who proposed the problem statement

Who is it for?

  • Individuals who are passionate about contributing to society by working together with the NGOs to solve problem statements or by working on their own projects
  • Social and environmental organisations and government bodies who would like to obtain effective ways to change behaviours of the communities they serve
  • Funders who help mobilize action on causes they work on
  • Companies who would like to contribute back to the society by partnering NGOs on projects
My experience from the hackathon gave me an idea on how to research and work on social problems in a systematic and targeted manner. There is no doubt that there is value in attending the sessions.
Jun Ying
Health for Thought
Most social impact workshops or hackathons are centred on deriving solutions (what and how), but it’s so refreshing and insightful to be able to generate and study the ‘why’s’ behind the solutions.
Maid for More

Examples of past projects

Team LinkAges: Changing Perceptions Towards Aging

Intergenerational gaps have formed between youths and seniors due to limited interactions. This has led to stereotypes of seniors, such as being forgetful, weak or not “modern” enough, which may hinder communications between generations. Team LinkAges proposed a platform for young people and seniors to engage in meaningful activities together. Not only can youth benefit through skill sharing but the older generation will also have the opportunity to talk about their life stories and give advice. 

Maid For More: Treating Migrant Domestic Workers with Dignity

Ill-treatment of immigrant workers in Singapore by their employers is still happening. With the guidance from the Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME), the team proposed to launch an awareness campaign called Maid for More. They propose to change the narrative by empowering teenagers to treat their domestic workers better. Outreach programs in schools will encourage more young children to empathize and treat domestic workers more respectfully. 

More project reports

Want to become part of the community of change?

  • Hire us to run the hackathon with your organisation, partners, and/or grantees
  • Sponsor a hackathon for aspiring changemakers