Response to COVID-19 in Nagekeo

As COVID-19 spread to Nagekeo, WISE sought to support the recency’s limited healthcare system to meet the basic medical and health needs of health workers and communities.


At the start of the pandemic, Nagekeo was one of the most vulnerable regencies to COVID-19 tranmission (NTT Provincial Covid Task Force, 2020). There had been reports that many hospitals in Flores and Kupang were unprepared and did not have personal protective equipment (PPE).

WISE supported health workers and the community with basic medical and health needs.


Equipment and infrastructure

  • Distributed 28 boxes of surgical masks and 800 cloth masks
  • Delivered PPE to the Nagekeo Regional Hospital and health centres in the seven sub-districts
  • Constructed handwashing facilities at Pasar Danga (Danga Market) and Rumah Sakit Daerah Aeramo (Aeramo Hospital)
  • Donated handwashing equipment, hand sprayers and thermoguns to Setya Budi Maunori Catholic Private School and Maunori Catholic Elementary School


  • Organised a webinar on ‘Food Security Policies for Health Protocols and the Handling of COVID-19 in Nagekeo District’
  • Produced a video titled ‘The New Normal and Multicultural Community‘ (embedded below)
  • Distributed standing banners promoting healthy lifestyles to sub-district health centres


  • Bupati Nagekeo (the Regent of Nagekeo)
  • Dinas Kesehatan Nagekeo (the Nagekeo Health Department)
  • Forum Pengurangan Risiko Bencana Kabupaten Nagekeo (Disaster Management Risk Forum)
  • Yayasan Sao Mere
  • Ockhand Tage (local YouTube)

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