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The Migrant Work SocialCollab.sg initiative aims to build a shared knowledge base that will drive collective action to improve the rights of migrant workers in Singapore.


Migrant workers comprise almost one-fifth of Singapore’s resident population (Department of Statistics, 2022; Ministry of Manpower, 2022). They are powerless, voiceless, and marginalised in many ways, but data on the issues they face and ways to address these issues is fragmented, if not lacking.

WISE intends to host a team of volunteers who can build and maintain a knowledge base on migrant work on SocialCollab.sg by collaborating with and seeking the input of organisations and individuals with an interest in this issue.


By keeping the Migrant Workers page on SocialCollab.sg updated, WISE aims to:

  • Raise awareness of migrant worker issues in Singapore
  • Facilitate collaboration among the migrant worker sector and community
  • Drive ground-up solutions

Want to learn more?


WISE has been reaching out to migrant worker organisations to gather feedback on the concept note. This will inform our approach and strategies moving forward.

How you can help

Migrant worker and other interested groups are invited to:

We welcome volunteers who wish to:

  • Join our team to implement the initiative;
  • Update and edit the Migrant Workers SocialCollab.sg page.