What we do

Active in Indonesia, Cambodia, and Singapore, WISE believes that transformation can only occur when driven by communities themselves. Therefore, our efforts centre the voices and power of the communities we work with, while building solidarity across borders to create change. 

Our vision

An equitable and sustainable southeast asia

The issues we prioritise are informed by the needs of the communities we work with, gaps in the sectors we are involved in, and our ability to add value

Our Causes


Helping to protect the environment through education and behaviour change on issues related to animals, waste, water, and others.

Public health

Increasing communities' access to safe water and sanitation infrastructure, and nutrition, and facilitating handwashing and other hygiene practices.


Supporting the rights and incomes of low-wage communities including migrant workers and rural villages.


Improving employment prospects of children and youth who are left behind by gaps in the formal education system.

Our expertise and networks enable us to implement different types of projects that best meet the needs of the communities we serve


Community development

Working with communities to achieve their goals and aspirations through a participatory, needs-based approach.

Behaviour change

Implementing community-based interventions through an analytical and design process driven by a sound understanding of behaviour.

Capacity building

Sharing our experiences through training and mentoring to empower others to create their own social or environmental change.


Generating and disseminating knowledge, as well as providing research capabilities to support like-minded organisations.


Promoting social and environmental causes and policies through education and coalition-building.

Our values


We care about and for each other, whether they are our team members, communities we serve, or stakeholders we collaborate with.


We focus on making a real difference, by responding to needs, leveraging our resources and expertise, and building relationships with stakeholders.


We strive to do and be better as an organisation by constantly reflecting on what we do and welcoming feedback and criticism.