The WISE Family

Our work would not be possible without the efforts of our staff, trainees, interns, and volunteers from the region and around the world. Supporting the well-being as well as professional and personal growth of our team members is as much a priority as our mission. 

Board and core team

Ensuring accountability and driving strategies

Rosa Dee


Rosa is a change-seeker with a passion to contribute towards improving lives, especially for kids and women. In her college days, she volunteered with Sanggar Rebung Cendani, educating unprivileged children in rural areas. After working in the private and NGO sectors in Jakarta, she decided to return to her homework of Nagekeo to focus on her passion. Now, she connects with others about her hometown and to explore possibilities to collaborate and create change. A UnionAID INSPIRASI alumni (2018) who received a scholarship from Kampus Orang Muda Jakarta (2009), Rosa graduated with a Masters in Environmental Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung (2017) and a Bachelors from Universitas Indonesia (2012).

Yoke Pean

Sustainability and Operations

Yoke Pean is determined to tackle inequalities in the region by constantly learning, improving, and mobilising. She is an ASEAN Youth Fellow (2019), Regional Finalist (East Asia/Pacific) of British Council’s Social Impact Award (2018), Young Southeast Asian Leaders’ Initiative alumni (2016), and Young Social Entrepreneurs alumni (2016). Outside WISE, she has worked with Engineering Good, Lien AID, Soristic Impact Collective, Singapore International Foundation, Singapore Red Cross, and TBN Asia. Yoke Pean graduated with a PhD (cum laude) from Institut Teknologi Bandung in 2016, where she developed recommendations to facilitate product innovation in the emergency sanitation sector.



Hiro is a program consultant who works with youth in villages to tackle climate issues. Having collaborated with various non-profit organizations and regional disaster agencies such as WISE and JMK Oxfam, he conducted education programs for fellow villagers to empower them. A Community Solutions Program 2021 fellow, Hiro’s notable works include conducting Disaster Safe Education Unit programmes in villages, working with youth and mothers to tackle climate issues, and constructing emergency sanitation and drinking water facilities after a tsunami hit Palu in 2018.


Branding and Admin

Intan has been a professional graphic designer since 2015. Her mission is to help the public easily understand social and environmental issues through visual graphics. Outside of WISE, she is the founder of Gemintan, a digital agency based in Indonesia. She is also a freelance graphic designer for several local brands in Indonesia. Brands she has worked with include 97.5 Play FM Palembang, The FAME, and Musi Treasure. 


Consulting and sanitation

Dian aims to make her home country a better place by advocating for better sanitation and waste management. During her PhD at Technische Universität Berlin, she developed a web application for determining suitable technologies for sanitation value chain systems. Prior to her PhD, Dian was a Program Officer with Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting Co. Ltd., a Japanese consulting firm, and advocated for improving policies for decentralised domestic wastewater treatment in Southeast Asia.



Passionate about water, sanitation, and hygiene, Sophorn is committed to helping underprivileged groups in Cambodia who cannot afford them gain access to proper sanitation systems. She understands first-hand how being deprived of basic services such as clean water and latrines lead to more health problems in future. A UNICEF Young WASH Changemaker, Sophorn’s ambition is to create a social enterprise to tackle sanitation issues in her community.



Asti hopes for the world to be a better place for future generations. She is passionate about reaching out to rural communities, teaching them about their rights, and empowering them to be self-sufficient. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Accounting and Finance from CamEd Business School and worked in the industry for several years, she is now pursuing an ACCA certification.


human resources

A HR generalist, Lydia has been in the human resources field since 2016 across Australia, New Zealand, and Greater China. Passionate about making a difference in any way she can contribute, Lydia is also a Youth Leader at Singapore Red Cross,  where she is involved local emergency preparedness as a Volunteer Leader by training and engaging local volunteers.

Cai Lin


Cai Lin has more than ten years of experience in the environmental industry. Her notable achievements included the fact that she played a key role in Singapore Housing and Development Board’s first Sustainable Development Framework and was closely involved in the development of Punggol Eco-Town, Singapore’s first Eco-Town. She then moved into the consulting sector as an environmental consultant at Ramboll and Worley, both multinational engineering firms, where she specialises in environmental impact assessments and environmental monitoring and management plans and works on due diligence and climate adaptation projects. 

Faces of WISE

We bring together staff, interns, and volunteers from the region and around the world to build solidarity and drive change

The weekly English Club of Nagekeo is my favourite programme at WISE. Besides teaching the children English, I help the team in Nagekeo in different tasks. I feel very welcome at WISE. My team members have been really supportive and let me learn as much knowledge as possible. They also prioritise members' mental well-being which is important to me.
In WISE, I meet passionate people who care about issues affecting our world, who serve tirelessly beyond our shores, and still let their hair down and laugh about our lives. Through WISE, I have learned more about the non-profit space and do my part to bring about meaningful change to underserved communities.
research/public engagement
WISE supports a myriad of causes within Southeast Asia that I resonate with, including collaborating with communities to educate young children, and to carry out research on migrant workers issues. I like how WISE has diverse team members whom we interact with on different occasions, such as Monday minions, Monthly huddles, and Friddles (Friday riddles).
digital design
As a trainee at WISE, I am happy to be a part of doing something socially right for the world. I like the diversity, inclusivity, openness at WISE, and our will to work together to promote better lives for people.
I joined WISE to help my friend to with one project, and... I still continue today! I felt and continue to feel welcome in their diverse and friendly team.
IT and data
The culture at WISE is very open and casual, in addition to the flexible schedule. I enjoy the work environment and interactions , and I continue to volunteer with WISE after completing my internship.
The welfare and basic needs of migrant workers are often neglected even though they are the backbone of the workforce in Singapore. Seeing non-profit organisations like WISE championing migrant workers makes me feel that I am not alone in fighting for better lives for them.
As a second-generation Singaporean, I got involved because I strongly sympathise with the plight of migrant workers. Volunteering with WISE is technically convenient and flexible because they use co-working platforms to organise work and discussions.
eric li
Knowing that WISE is working on water and sanitation, I volunteer to support research and data visualisation. I like that WISE is committed to working with underprivileged groups in need of basic services. They also mobilise people in other meaningful causes by collaborating with other organisations.
Data visualisation
Interning at WISE has helped me gain industry skills and work experience. I also get the opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds. Furthermore, I enjoy the work environment and the different projects that we get involved in to benefit society.
Everyone should have access to clean water and be able to practice safe sanitation. WISE's efforts to work with marginalised groups to construct latrines appealed to me. Being able to work flexible hours also allows me balance my school and family commitments.
Liang Yan Ting
I gained a lot of insight through researching and writing for WISE’s content. It has shaped my worldview, especially as a Singaporean, because we rarely stop to ponder what life is like with access to basic necessities, particularly education.
amanda wee